Ancient recipes

Memories of food and wine of the Marche region

Culture and tradition of ancient recipes of the Marche, told through the wisdom and imagination of the peasant civilization of this region. A project that wants to instill community and convivial spirit in people through good food and good wine.

Memories of food and wine of the Marche region is a project developed by Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei and the i-strategies start-up

The project contains life and food stories of the last Marche sharecroppers through stories that come from afar, enriched by nutritional advice, to rediscover typical products respecting seasonality and above all with a new awareness against waste.

Removed from its elements of social injustice, the food and wine culture of sharecropping can represent a nutritional model, based on practices and values ​​such as self-production and self-consumption, protection of local varieties, absence of social consumption in food.

An emotional journey, therefore, which inevitably also becomes a discovery of the territory, in a region that has been able to preserve the charm of its territorial memory intact.

The project Memorie del cibo e del vino is a case study of three European universities and part of the PhD Program in Corporate and Local Cultural Heritage of the university of Macerata and the Burgundy School of Business of Dijon (France).