A history of passion for wine, whose past leaves in the present and whose solid traditions bonds with strength of innovation towards the search for quality and excellence through all steps of wine making and bottling.


In the beautiful vineyards where our wines are born it seems that time has stopped to tell us all a story, the story of its origin. Small old worlds, result of research and quality.

Our dedication and tradition along with the belief that wine should represent the identity of a territory, give birth to a large selection of wines who represent their production areas.

Timeless places where it’s easy to get lost in emotions.


Each winery has its own past, its own wine story, a tale to be unfolded through shades of colors, perfumes and numerous emotions that come through a tasting.

Grape varietals, wheather patterns and soil composition Tell the story of each territory and wines are they are pure expression.

A regional tradition, a taste and an all-Italian wine production.


Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei Is a group of wineries leading the market of wine producers and proudly representing five regions from the most iconic Italian wine territories.