Where tradition and innovation cross path there’s a special place, home for the best wines of our wineries.

Thanks too state of the art technologist for winemaking, Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei has grown more and more to meet new marketing opportunities.



Our up-to-date technologies allow us to produce high quality wines.

Leading the way for our wineries means to stay on top of new trends and possibilities both in the vineyards and the cellar.

All our prestigious seller use state of the art technologies in order to improve the overall quality of their wine production.


Modern technologies had a huge impact on wine production throughout the decades.

Throughout the years techniques have improved, especially as far as hygiene and conservation. These aspects along with a strong bond with tradition and a multi-annual experience in farming have been the focus of our Group to days.

In the past few years we have started a project and we will keep exploring the trends that are changing the world of wine. Constant research stands for constant growth and quality.


Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei Is a group of wineries leading the market of wine producers and proudly representing five regions from the most iconic Italian wine territories.