Feudo Luparello

Sicilian baroque in Passito and red and white wines from Feudo Luparello winery.


Noto (SR), Sicilia

The origin of Feudo Luparello’s labels is inspired by those local noble families that, generation after generation have preserved and maintained the good taste of ancient times. Nowadays we do the same with the help of modern technologies.



Located in the most southern part of Sicily, our vineyards are east oriented and grow on a unique soil. Tradition and folklore blend with aromas from the Mediterranean vegetation to produce prestigious wines from indigenous varietals like Nero d’Avola, Grillo and international grapes like Cabernet, Syrah, Viognier and Moscato.

Baroque with its ancient prestige and numerous cultural contaminations, its history and stunning artistic and natural heritage. This is the heart of the winery Feudo Luparello based in Noto in the province of Siracusa.

The extraordinary suggestions of Sicily, which has always been a land of oenological excellence, with its load of flavors and aromas, are the basis of the excellent quality of Feudo Luparello wines which carry with them all the value of an “ancient” essence but, at the same time, perfectly capable of intercepting the tastes of the contemporary and international consumer.



Just like a precious perfume, a handmade suit or a luxury car, every Feudo Luparello wine represents a moment of pure joy for winelovers all over the world. Sicilian indigenous varietals are very distinctive for their connection to weather patterns and soil composition.

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