Ciù Ciù

The right wines to pair with carnival sweets

It is said that during Carnival, every joke is fair. However, when it comes to wines, one should never joke, especially when pairing them with the right desserts. The sugary and oily components of Carnival sweets pair well with sparkling wines and dessert wines.

So, here are two pairings… fry-proof!

Ciù Ciù Da Dolce Vino Spumante Malvasia – organic and vegan: thanks to its bubbles, it’s perfect to counteract the greasiness that fried sweets leave in the mouth. On the nose, it releases the intense and characteristic aroma of the Malvasia di Candia grape, with a fresh and soft taste.

Feudo Luparello Moscato Passito di Noto DOP: when dealing with filled pastries, like “castagnole” or fried ravioli, you can’t go wrong with the Passito di Noto DOP. Fragrant, intense and complex, it bursts with hints of mature, honeyed fruit capable of complementing the sweetness and aromas of the creams.