Ciù Ciù

Marche Food and Wine Memories

Since 2018, Ciù Ciù and the start-up company i-strategies are partners in the project ‘Memorie del cibo e del vino‘ (memories of food and wine), with the intent of  preserving and promoting of the intangible cultural heritage of the Marche region.

The project captures and records the stories about the life and food of the last sharecroppers of the Marche region by interviewing them. Cleansed of its elements of  social injustice, the sharecroppers culinary heritage may in fact represent an authentic, sustainable and inclusive nutritional standard.

For centuries, pasta, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, very little meat, wine and olive oil, have been the nutritional staples of the farmers and their families in central Italy.  

A diet based on customs and values like self-production and own consumption, seasonality, conservation of local varieties, no waste and last but not least the social side related  to meals.

A unique and local culinary universe that – according to ‘Seven Countries Study ‘ a study that was carried out even in the Marche region –  has helped define the Mediterranean diet.

A story that we want to continue to protect and enhance.

The project Memorie del cibo e del vino is a case study of three European universities and part of the PhD Program in Corporate and Local Cultural Heritage of the university of Macerata and the Burgundy School of Business of Dijon (France).

A scientific and international interest that encourages us to continue protecting and promoting our local culinary identity as an asset that can help us build a safer, conscious about animal welfare, healthy and sustainable food future.