Ciù Ciù

Ciù Ciù, the best actor on Prima Scena Festival, a European Festival dedicated to scenography with Dante Ferretti

The first edition of Prima Scena festival was presented in Milan at the Filodrammatici Theatre. That’s the European festival dedicated to scenography coordinated by the Oscar winner Dante Ferretti and part of  SCENARIA brand, an educational/entertainment concept conceived by the Cultural Center Social Promotion Association.

Dante Ferretti is an Italian production designer, art director and costume designer on holliwood.

The official presentation was held in the Lombard capital, with a talk moderated by the Donna Moderna editor-in-chef Maria Elena Viola and hosted important guests, such as the artistic director Dante Ferretti, the set designers Margherita Palli and Francesca Montinaro, the President of the APS Cultural Center Mauro Mazziero, the actor Enrico Beruschi.

Instead, the costume designer Mayes Rubeo (currently in Los Angeles), the President of Le Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli and the Regional Councilor for Culture Chiara Biondi sent their video greetings.

The presentation ended with a toast and a glass of Rymarosé Ciù Ciù sparkling wine (Brut Marche I.G.P. Sangiovese Bio quality), in a convivial environment full of famous people.

In March 2023, Prima Scena festival will take place over four events in four different locations in Le Marche Region: Ancona, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno and Potenza Picena are the four cities chosen to host the major scheduled events.