Ciù Ciù

Ciù Ciù and CVM together for Africa.

A charity dinner was held at the Ciù Ciù Tenimenti Bartolomei showroom, organized in collaboration with CVM (Comunità Volontari per il Mondo), the NGO that has been promoting self-development projects in the south of the world and initiatives to raise public awareness of the problems of imbalance between countries for over forty years.

This is a historic collaboration between the two organizations, as Ciù Ciù has been supplying the wines that go to support CVM’s Christmas solidarity campaign for years.

The event was introduced by a presentation on CVM’s activities in Africa, which was also attended by the well-known television presenter Enzo Iacchetti, who is very sensitive to social issues and personally involved in solidarity projects.

The dinner, which required compulsory reservations, sold out in just a few days. In fact, many people booked to taste traditional Piceno dishes paired with a selection of wines from Ciù Ciù.

For the occasion, a photographic exhibition on Ethiopia, with shots by Giacomo Maroni, was also set up in the showroom.

A beautiful evening for a great cause!